September 17-18, 2006

Grey Eagle Hotel
37th Street & Glenmore Trail SW, Calgary


Kristian Bogner

Program:Switching Gears and Challenging Yourself Towards Photographic Excellence

Nikon Ambassador, LowePro, Manfrotto and Broncolor Pro Photographer Kristian Bogner will show how to "Switch Gears" and keep your photography continually inspired and challenging from sports to landscapes, to expeditions and faces from around the world to high end on-location commercial and fashion photography. He will demonstrate pro techniques, in-depth camera settings and portable lighting for capturing stunning images in any situation. This talk will also feature some of Kristian's latest images from his 2016 Antarctica and Arctic trips. Kristian's passion and pursuit of excellence in photography is sure to inspire you on your photographic journey.

Dave Montizambert

Dave Montizambert lectures internationally on lighting, digital photography, and Adobe Photoshop. He is also a published author, columnist, beta tester, and creator of training DVDs on Photoshop & photographic lighting for and in Los Angeles. Dave also authors "Dave On Demand" ( a photo blog with free & subscription based lighting video tutorials and articles. He has written two books on lighting and digital photography plus is a regular columnist for Professional Imagemaker in the UK and has written numerous magazine articles in North America, Europe, Russia and Asia. Aside from education, Dave works as a commercial advertising photographer creating images for McDonalds Foods, Motorola, Toyo Tires, Tri-Star Pictures, Warner Brothers, Chevron, Cuervo Tequila, J&B Scotch, Hong Kong Bank, Tsing Tao Brewery of China, and No Fear Sports Gear, through his business Montizambert Photography Inc.

Program:Dramatic lighting using multiple lights

Easy to master, brilliant results with multiple lights. Dave shows you how to build lighting that creates images jumping off the page. He breaks the approach down into simple easy to duplicate setups. You will be amazed how easy it is when properly explained.

Monday Workshop

Learn how to create incredible portrait & fashion/glamour lighting using only one light in this in-depth session by internaltion lighting wizard Dave Montizambert. Dave shows how he forces one light (off-camera flash or studio strobe) to do the work of three to five lights. He also simplifies & makes easy — for even the most non techincal mind — the necessary lighting theory & concepts that are required knowledge for any lighting job. No fluff here, just solid nuts and bolts lighting information that every photographer should know!
From this program participants will learn:
  • Create multi-light-source setups using only one light
  • Lighting basics — light placement, angling, feathering
  • How to use light to convey mood
  • Create low-key and high-key dramatic lighting
  • Simulate sunlight on cloudy days using only one light
  • How to master metering & lighting ratios

Julie Vincent

Program:Lightroom Intro Class

Get the foundation, the language of using Lightroom. It is an amazing tool that will save you time and money, especially if you know the basics. This program will prep you for the Tool Kit afternoon program. Great refresher for experienced users, newbies can get up to speed on this photography cornerstone product.

Program:Lightroom: Photographer's Tool Kit.

Bring your skill to a whole new level as Julie walks you through best practices, tricks and short cuts of this critical photographers tool. Lightroom is both a creative tool and a workhorse tool, This program will have you get your images sparkling in a short time.

Fran Munoz

Program:Professional Video Production for Professional Still Photographers

Your camera has video capabilities, Fran shows you approaches, what accessories that will best support your video approach. How to create a concept and approach that saves you time. Plus he will talk about how to use this for marketing and as a product. Get the full value of your camera investment with insights on how to best approach it.

Professional video is a great way to promote your services online. In addition, video production might be an added service to your clients. But just as there are differences between snapshots and photos, there are differences between amateur and professional videos. This session provides an overview of the obstacles and opportunities facing professional photographers when venturing into the world of professional video.

This session is not theoretical. It presents real world tips and traps. You will gain valuable insight into the realities of professional video production from the perspective of professional photography.

Noreen Ward

Noreen Ward started The Gift Designers in January of 2002. Over the past 14 years what started as a business that would serve Calgarians by helping its clients find the perfect gift has evolved into a leading Customer Service business. This year The Gift Designers was recognized by the Business Excellence Awards as one of the Top 5 companies in North America for 'Best Customer Service'.

Business excellence is built into the fabric of The Gift Designers and one way that Noreen demonstrates her passion for strong business ventures is by partnering with microfinance agencies that support business collaborations in developing countries. The success of The Gift Designers is rooted in Noreen’s drive and desire to support companies achieve their goals, increase customer loyalty, and build their business.

Programm:"9 Strategies to Get Customers to Beg for More"

Ways to keep your clients coming back & send you referrals. it costs 3 to 5 times more to get a new client than to get a current client to constantly come back. Easy money in the bank and a full schedule, could you use this approach?

David West

Approaches to impactful google & Facebook marketing. Social media can be a confusing cluttered market place. Easy to mis-spend or get lost in the noise. David shows you how these mediums work, giving you tools and insights to successful marketing approaches.

Your online presence needs to be more than a digital album of your work getting thumbs up. It needs to deliver you clients, paying commissions so you can grow your business. The best appreciation of your work is when you are hired to create more. Photographers have flocked to online marketing but most are not getting the return on their investment of time and money. David's program will teach you:

  • How understanding the evolution of online marketing can make you efforts more effective today.
  • How organic posting won't do what you need and is not doing what you think it is.
  • How you website and social media efforts are not working and how to fix it
  • How to be found online by clients that want what you create
  • How to set viable online marketing goals
  • How to take advantage of the newest trend Online Live Engagements.

Jos Willard

Program:Stop Looking for Clients! — The Secret to Having Other People Bring Clients to You!

Relationship building, networking - it is the new wave to reach quality clients that really want your photography. It is easier than you might think, more effective than you can imagine.

Business Coach, Marketing Expert, and Relationship Wizard Jos Willard teaches the 5 key steps to getting your photography practice booked solid, without having to spend time looking for clients yourself!

Jarrod Stanton

With 10 years of experience on the front lines of growing businesses, Jarrod is Calgary's longest tenured ActionCOACH and General Manager at the local firm Business Edge Coaching. Overseeing all coaches to ensure client results, Jarrod demands the same standards that helped him be recognized in 2012 for some of the best client results across North America. Outside of his passion for helping business owners succeed, Jarrod has co-founded an International food label which now enjoys #1 market share in Canada, and #2 in the US.

Program: Sales Lens: Is Your Process in Focus?

The best way to get and keep clients is to be seen as the solution, the go to guy. The presentation will introduce you to a new way to market to and keep clients. Some times a client might not even know they have a problem your photography can solve.

In the competitive field of photography being an order taker is not an option. The most successful photography businesses and entrepreneurs are true 'solution providers' — helping their prospects and customers to buy.