Evan Will is a commercial and fine art photographer originally from Alberta. He owned and operated a commercial photography studio in Tokyo, Japan for six years before returning to Canada in mid-2020. His work has been featured in many international publications and advertising campaigns. His clients include the likes of Airbus, BMW, LVMH, Marie Claire, Nintendo, Sapporo, and Suntory, among others. Evan has received numerous awards and recognition for his work including an “International Landscape Photographer of the Year” award in 2020, and back-to-back “Photographic Artist of the Year” awards in 2021 and 2022 from the Professional Photographers of Canada AB as well as having been chosen to represent Team Canada at the World Photographic Cup. Evan’s focus is on selling limited edition art prints, running photographic adventure tours and workshops, as well as adventure-style portraits and elopements. 


TOPIC: working in commercial photography

Evan will speak October 29th 12:30-2:15pm

Join Evan at Lightmatters where he will talk about his experiences shooting for iconic international brands and how to leverage unique collaborations among different companies and venues to create unique business opportunities that accelerate growth. Evan will talk about shooting for magazines, working with talent, agencies, as well as a lot of the pre-production work that goes into planning commercial shoots for a range of production budgets and how that can apply to your photography business, no matter where you are operating.

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