Lee’s thirst for adventure, exploration, and capturing the bold stories of the mountains and roads less traveled is never-ending. Lee’s enjoyment of the outdoors began as a kid when his parents took him camping, exploring the wilds of Northern Alberta, or hiking in the Rockies. Lee’s passion for photography started with a Kodak Instamatic given to him by his dad. Fast forward to 2015, when Lee got a fire in his belly to study the art of photography while standing under the northern lights at -50 c in the Northwest Territories. In 2017 Lee decided to pursue a passion as a career when he started his own photography business.


Lee’s passion is capturing bold black-and-white landscape images. Ironically his passion for this journey started in the concrete jungle of downtown Calgary at a Black and White portrait workshop in 2015. Since then, Lee has been published in the Canadian Rockies Annual and on various online magazines and photography forums, including The Camera Store. Lee is an international award-winning photographer, his most recent accomplishment being a finalist in the Digital Photography Magazine’s 2022 Black and White Photo of the Year competition. When Lee is not capturing his bold images, he is passionate about helping other photographers learn to capture their bold photos through his own workshops and helping Offbeat Photography with their workshops.  

TOPIC: Peak Into Lee's Mountainand Mis Adventures

Lee will speak October 28th 10:00 - 11:45am

Listening to the ice crunch as I dig my crampons into the ice, my mind wanders momentarily. When my attention returns to the moment, I quickly slide down the steep ice face of Little Athabasca Glacier. A jerk of the rope and I come to an abrupt stop. Without hesitation, I get up and start to climb up the face. I reach my guide, and he asks if I am ok, I say yes, we have a bit of a laugh, and we go to our target Boundary Peak. Lee’s goal is to give you a sense of being with him on his adventures and misadventures in the Canadian Rockies like this one and his recent trekking experience in Bhutan. He will pair the stories with his bold visual stories. Lee will detail what energizes him to take up adventures like the one above and the inspiration for each of his images. Finally, Lee will share a few tips and tricks he uses to capture his images. Lee is excited to chat with you about your adventures and photography journey.