Matt Lorenz, award winning freelance filmmaker by day and local community television producer…also by day. Oh he’s also a cinematographer and content creator that does music videos, promos, event coverage, weddings, you name it. By night he…well he sleeps, or edits the things he just filmed. 

Matt’s been at this for nearly 10 years now. After graduating NAIT’s Television Course and a brief stint working as a freelancer in the big city, he moved out to Fort McMurray to work for Shaw Spotlight, Fort McMurray’s local community channel. His work with the community channel allows him to provide free training and assistance for people looking to create community based video content here in Fort McMurray and gives them space on a real TV channel to put it. He also gets to tell stories from the community in the form of mini documentaries focused on local community members and their contributions to Fort McMurray and the world. As a freelancer, Matt’s done everything from event videos and weddings to beautiful cinematic music videos. Little did he know that this freelancing and community work would explode into a career that’s earned him several local awards including a Media arts Award, Top 50 under 50, and several Spotlight screen awards for his documentary work.

TOPIC: Video 101 For Photographers

Evan will speak October 28th 8:00 - 9:45AM

The main topic of this session is “What’s stopping you from going out and shooting video right now?” This session will be focusing on the main factors photographers will need to pay attention to when adding video work to their repertoire. We will be discussing technical things on the camera like shutter speeds, frame rates, colour profiles and audio setup. We’ll also talk about more compositional and style aspects like editing, colour, and storytelling. The session will be extremely informal and interactive with questions from participants leading the discussions and topics we talk about. Bring your cameras and questions.

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