Sean LeBlanc is a multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed
photographer, speaker and educator. Inspired by light and shadow, Sean creates bold, candid, sensitive, and dramatic imagery. After an established career as an engineer MBA, Sean found his true calling for people and photography. So he resigned from the corporate world to pursue his passion for photography and built a widely successful luxury wedding and portrait studio. Sean's passion for photography has taken him
from his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, all over the world.

Sean is a Nikon and Profoto Ambassador and a global Ambassador for Graphistudio Italy. Over a short timeframe, Sean has become a highly acclaimed wedding and portrait photographer listed as one of the top photographers in his field by several international organizations, including SLR Lounge, Masters of Wedding Photography, the PWPC and Fearless Photographers. Last year, he joined Team Canada to represent his country at the World Photographic Cup.

Sean has presented at conferences and seminars in Europe, the U.S. and Canada and served as a judge for WPPI. He has also been published in articles by Nikon, the Professional Photographers of America and featured by The Societies of Photographers U.K., SLR Lounge, Fstoppers, Magmod and the Huffington Post. Sean lives with his wife and two children in Calgary, Alberta.


TOPIC: The Art of Creating Bold and Dramatic Portraiture

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Sean will speak October 28th 12:30-4:30pm

Join Nikon and Profoto Ambassador and multi- award-winning photographer Sean LeBlanc for a behind-the-scenes look at creating masterful and creative portraiture. Sean will share his workflow to create bold, dramatic photographs from initial inspiration to clicking the camera shutter. Learn how to creatively work with natural light and off-camera flash, find killer compositions and elicit natural-looking moments to create the ultimate artwork for your clients. Sean will present this Program in three parts:

1) An interactive presentation by Sean will provide an in-depth look into the creative process - see, compose and create.

2) A hands-on cameras out photowalk will offer a live demonstration of all the elements Sean discussed in his presentation.

3) a review of the images and post production techniques.

If you have struggled with pushing your creativity to the next level, how to achieve your portrait vision, then this Program is for you. Sean will present the concepts in a concise, easy-to-follow format and offer a hands-on live demonstration.



Fort McMurry, Alberta
October 29th 2023

Join Nikon and Profoto Ambassador and multi-award-winning photographer Sean LeBlanc for an in-depth interactive Masterclass all about wedding photography and business. This Masterclass is for aspiring and established wedding photographers looking to see the world in a new light and elevate their craft and business to the next level. Sean will provide his workflow from initial inquiry to shooting the wedding day for albums and wall art to delivering his client’s custom artwork. In addition, he will cover everything from finding your creative spark to creating bold and dramatic wedding photography, building a luxury brand to attract your ideal clientele, to creating a stand-out experience that will leave your clients breathless and wanting to invest in physical artwork from your studio.


Who is The Masterclass For?

• If you are a photographer that struggles with capturing your creative vision at a wedding, this is for you.

• If you are a photographer that would love to create bold and dramatic photography (with the benefits of off-camera flash) for your clients and ignite your creative spark, this is for you.

• If you are a photographer that would love to offer wedding albums, rather than providing digitals all the time, and learn how to design and communicate wedding collections to your clients, this is for you.

• If you are a photographer that would love to learn more about the business of wedding photography, this is for you.

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