A true 70’s baby, I was exposed to exciting images at an early age working alongside my father in our family portrait studio and then eventually taking over the family business.


Living in a small town in northern Alberta, I primarily focused on portraiture for commissioned clients. This has been part of my passion as a visual storyteller.  I find immense joy while hiking, camping, and photographing the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies where I am blessed to capture incredible landscapes. Traveling the world, discovering unique and wondrous subjects for my lens is something I truly savor.


Always looking to expand my horizons and experiences, I discovered a love for creating stunning art from human figures and bodyscapes


I am a master photographer with over 20 years behind the lens winning several national awards and am recognized internationally for my work in fine art and figure study portraits.


My passion for art and telling stories with light expands to sharing my knowledge and mentoring others to ignite their passion. I am an involved member serving at the executive level of the Professional Photographers of Canada. Photography has blessed my life in giving me a career that makes me feel like everyday is the first. Discovering and bringing to light people’s best selves affords me so much joy. I truly love and enjoy what I have chosen to do. 


SUSIE will speak October 29th 10:15AM - 12:00pm

Join Susie for a journey in photographing fine art nudes. This hour and a half session is filled with all the practical information you will need to create your own fine art pieces She’ll discuss her thought process and how she works with her models and her tips to put them at easeSusie will demonstrate live how she poses, captures and brings out the beauty of the human figure by adding and subtracting light until she gets the desired effect. 

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